GOODBYE, 2016.

Jon Davidson
2 min readJan 1, 2017


Goodbye, 2016.

You’ve been an interesting year, to say the least. A study in contrasts. Peaks. Valleys. I won’t be shedding too many tears as I watch you leave forever.

In the plus column, I visited ten countries. Bought another house. Put out an album I’m pretty proud of. Climbed four mountains.

On the minus side, I battled Lyme Disease. Felt like I was dying for months. Went to forty doctor’s appointments in three states, and took antibiotics for nine months. Dealt with a major sewage leak at one of my rental houses.

In some ways, I became more of who I want to be this year. I became more honest with myself. Took more time for the people I care about. Continued to build some lasting friendships.

In other ways, I took steps back. Acted selfishly. Hurt people. Made mistakes. Didn’t give of my time and money very freely.

I was disappointed quite a bit in 2016. Disappointed in myself. Disappointed in my country. Disappointed in people I thought I could count on.

Yet, I’m grateful. Grateful to see another ball drop in Times Square. Grateful I’m feeling 90 percent better. Grateful for people in my life who have been there for me, even when I don’t deserve it.

2017 will undoubtedly provide me with its share of peaks and valleys, but I’m hopeful that as this Earth makes its next long orbit around our favorite star, I will become more of who I want to be. I will love more. Give more. Care about money less. Shed layers of selfishness. Live intentionally. Prioritize my time better.

But, a New Year has nothing to do with a new me. I must make choices. Not only large ones. Little ones. Daily. Hourly. Minute-ly.

As the sand in the hourglass of my life empties out, little by little, I resolve not to put off for tomorrow who I can become today.



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